Baking up your interest

Smart DeFi strategies leveraged on top of liquid staking and restaking assets to boost your yield.

Last 30 days ETH APY


Staking tokens is a key method for earning returns, but maximizing APYs through recursive staking and lending pools can be complex and daunting, especially for users unfamiliar with DeFi.

Simple user interface

Our platform offers a user-friendly experience with seamless and intuitive liquid staking features.

Liquidation Protection

The smart contract automates staking and redistribution of balances to prevent liquidations.

Amplified Yield

Users select an ETH amount, click "Start", and our smart contract automates optimal return actions.

Liquid Asset

Users staking receive brETH, a liquid token, tradable and usable for any purposes, with daily reward payouts.


Our $BKR is a governance token, structured to foster user engagement, enhance protocol security, and streamline operational efficacy. Within the token features, we will also include protocol rewards and dynamic APY-boosting algorithms.

Bakery Secured

Like a well-guarded secret recipe book, top-notch security companies have inspected our smart contracts. We've double-checked all the ingredients, so you can trust that your funds are safe.

Roadmap and

Our roadmap is strategically developed to incorporate a series of incremental feature releases and protocol upgrades. Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements.

  • Beta versionQ4 · 2023
  • Live versionQ2 · 2024
  • Deploy on other chains & strategiesQ4 · 2024


Meet our stellar team with unparalleled expertise in the blockchain realm and the TradFi space, shaping the future of web3.

Chef Hatori
Chef HatoriCo-Founder
Chef Kenji
Chef KenjiCo-Founder
Chef Pasuta
Chef PasutaCo-Founder
Chef Kal-El
Chef Kal-ElCo-Founder
Chef Lipe
Chef LipeMarketing Lead
Chef Shinobi
Chef ShinobiResearch Analyst & BD